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Passionate. Visionary. And a Whole Lotta Fun.

SHIPPED Technologies is a bunch of world-class engineers who are having a blast creating the future of logistics management.

Here, at SHIPPED Technologies, back in 2018, we saw an opportunity to do for trucking and freight forwarding likewise Uber had done for ride sharing.

But with a twist!

Rather than to build a global brand ourselves, rather than to find a difficult wayouts, it would be a whole lot more fun to build the world’s the most easy to set-up platform. Hence, a highly flexible, multilingual, multi-currency and user-friendly transportation platform will help the leading-edge entrepreneurs. All entrepreneurs around the world can customize it to the cultural and business contexts in their regional and global markets as well.

Another point is that running a transportation logistics platform has never been easier. Now with the clients from Africa and Eastern Europe, we’re continuing to innovate and build out more functionality to make even more of a delight for clients and drivers to use.

Most noteworthy, we remain the fastest, most cost-effective, and quite simply fun way for business owners to get a world-class trucking dispatch and management marketplace. So take off the ground and fight to the big boys in freight forwarding markets around the world!

SHIPPED freight forwarding platform changes the economics of the logistics industry!

Let’s make it happen together!

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