Platform Features

SHIPPED Freight Management System

Great Solutions require great Platforms and unlimited features on technology side.

Even more… This is the only platform you’ll ever need!

Due to SHIPPED Freight Management System you’ll be able to use predefined formats or customize the system to your specific needs.

Client Management

Easy to manage all communication with and status around your clients and their orders due to SHIPPED user friendly interface.

Driver Management

Simple to build and grow drivers database. Also register & edit profiles in the system, manage everything at one place.

Truck Management

Ability to manage truck parks using convenient on-boarding, as well as search and assignment tools for partner agencies.

Order Management

Full visibility on all orders in SHIPPED digital freight forwarding platform. Another great opportunity for your clients to run order schedule management.

Order Matching

Possibility to match orders to Drivers based on the logic YOU define. Because of its good data analysis the system makes sure only suitable drivers will see the appropriate orders.

Quotation Management

The power to choose the best driver/truck options in your clients hands. So that they can transparently see the best driver/truck options from which to choose.

Location Tracking

Unique opportunity to track and communicate with drivers in real-time for your clients. As a result, clients are always aware of where their order is.

Documentation/ KYC Management

Define the KYC Documents Drivers need to submit to match business and legal requirements. Stay on top of compliance issues in the geographies you serve.

Rating System

Rating both sides, based on their performance and service. Rating system stimulates both sides to act in accordance to their business culture interests.

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