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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should we use the platform?

Simply because you will focuse on your business and  not in building the solution and manage IT team. You will get the solution ready at a fraction of price and time if you would build on your own

How long does it take to start with Platform?

Depending on how far you are ready with prerequisites, default version can start in just couple of weeks

Can I have specific fields for my Drivers and Orders?

Yes, with our flexible and powerfull customization capabilities we can add specific fields to your Entities and you will see them in the reports as well

How To Get Started With it?

You will need to provide your business specifics based on your region and we’ll customize the Software for your case

What if we'll have to have our own solution at a certain point?

No problem, we are ready to provide you Enterprise license, when you will own the code for internal usage only and will be able to develop it further with your engineers

What is the price?

The price is much dependent on the region and market you plan to work on. We will offer you localized pricing after we will have Q&A session with you

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